The Legend of Jesus

The Legend of Jesus is a 12 song album which conceptually mashes up and draws parallels between The Legend of Zelda video game universe and the story of Jesus Christ. The album uses a wide array of acoustic instruments and a folklike style of music to depict the “real”, world at the time of Christ . At the very same time however, a variety of midi/ electronic sounds and a more progressive style of music is used to create the virtual atmosphere of a Video Game environment. The album sleeve includes a sort of “Instrument Legend” as well. A photographic catalogue of all featured Instruments, alongside the Hylian Alphabet, was made to indicate which instruments appear in any given song.

It should be noted that The Legend of Jesus uses references from every game in the Zelda series up to 2017 and isn't based on one game in particular. It should also be noted that the accounts of Christ are taken from several sources and are not strictly biblical. A few religious views beyond those of Christianity have also been included. That being said, one does not need to be familiar with any Zelda lore to enjoy this album. Nor do they need a religious background of any kind.

At any level The Legend of Jesus is an adventure album. It’s something a casual listener could easily identify as being of the adventure/fantasy genre, even with just a brief sampling. It’s also a treasure trove of thematic and musical ideas, that a more invested listener might feel compelled to explore. And for those willing to dive deep enough to cross check said ideas, a Master Quest awaits.

A Link To The Cross



Din, Goddess of Power
Made angels with the light of the sun
To cultivate, create red earth
With their fiery arms
Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom
Brought balance to Din’s naked hell
And to the order of nature
The mechanics of time

DIN NAYRU FARORE                       DIN NAYRU

Farore, Goddess of Courage
Gave life to uphold Nayru’s law
She raised the living breathing Eden
From the wealth of her soul
Shaped Adam in the image of angels
Out of Eden’s clay
With his rib she fashioned Eve
With the beauty of the trinity

The Trinity of the Goddess sisters 3
A relic at the heart of the sacred realm
The Trinity of the Goddess sisters 3
A golden power unparalleled

Fall Of Man

The height of Heaven
On the Isle of the Goddesses
Angels of every tier
United to adhere

The sisters came to bestow
The creation of mortals below
Insisted the audience
Praised the dawn of

Man was granted eternal life
In a garden paradise

The Morning Star Archangel Lucifer disagreed
Said “I’ll be like the most high such meekness shall bow to me”
A Dragon with seven heads, diadems and ten horns
Swept a third of heaven’s stars to the earth and waged war

Ancient Serpent, Lucifer
Fell like lightning to the earth

Evil in Eden
Hailed the end of innocence
The mark missed, the original sin
Was disobedience

The snake of old, corrupt, had conducted the fall of man
He tempted Eve, through her he’d tempt Adam by sleight of hand
They were cast away yet salvation remained for all mankind
But the enemy swayed hearts into darkness so they’d not find
Their way

A New Star

Eternal life was lost The flock had gone astray
The sinful world longed to be saved

Until the day
Hope of rebirth
And peace on earth
Had made its way
Across the skies
As prophesied
A natal star shining afar
Sought by the wise
Beamed overhead
A virgin's bed
Both meek and mild
She birthed a child
Where oxen fed
The angels sang
The shepherds came
The holly bled
A menstrual red
The church bells rang

On the longest night
Bonfires gave strength
To the sun and winter waned

One stroke and Odin’s oak tumbled to the ground
Tales tell that where it fell an evergreen was found
Thor’s ride through the sky would never be the same
His two goats he ate them both now reindeer pull the sleigh

That his Chariot became In Adam all will die
In Jesus be made alive


The Lord as a boy twelve years of age
His friends and family, took a trip to worship at
The Temple, The First Temple, The Temple of Time

A week passed, his family headed home with the caravan
To find that he had lingered at
The Temple, The First Temple, The Temple of Time

In a chamber with a blade impaling
A pedestal of timeshift stone
An old man said “take this, it’s dangerous to go alone”

A flash and twenty one years passed
Jesus was a man
Alone within a grove that was
The Temple, The First Temple, The Temple of Time

A sad song from outside the ruins
Of a child lost in a timeline torn
Reached Jesus through the trees
When a voice called out from the sword

The soul of the universe, almost always, remains in stillness,
containing in itself all things. But, at every age,
lays inaction aside and puts on a human form
to save its creatures from impending destruction.

Through this noble sword I ,Mary, speak to you
From the halls of Hades half world
For he who transcends time
May grant that I transcend untimely death
Please reach Eden's tree of life
And bring its fruit to where my body lies
Upon the castle bier


He headed through the field until it turned to sand
Spent forty days and nights on bare and arid land
He fasted and faithfully he turned temptation down
Prayed as Gerudos slayed lanmolas in around

A wasteland poe known as the phantom guide appeared
Revealed an artifact both swept aside and feared
An evil being was sealed in what was deemed to be
A mask the Twili hexed and Eden’s only key

The spirit led him to a shrine by the great sea
Where Zephos, frog god of the wind was called to be
He came down on a cloud and to Jesus he gave
Extraordinary boots to walk across the waves

He said “Eden lies beneath a circle cyclone wall
My brother made it so intruding ships would fall
Go now, the Zoras will escort you to the ring
Sound the seagull’s ballad loud, awake the Ocean King!”

Levias appeared, a waterway was cleared
Jesus stepped right in, the storm shaft formed again
Within the ring he placed the mask upon his face

The Moon turned and looked to Jesus, made its way over the sea
Descended slowly above his head as earth emerged beneath his feet

The water’s rage gave way to Eden, the tree of life was now at hand
Four giants stood on guard around it; an Eagle, Lion, Bull and Man

They seized the falling moon from crashing, held it up over the tree
Jesus took fruit from it branches, the giants said before you leave

“You’ll need a teardrop from the mad moon
Some sort of way to bring it pain
Scorch it with our flaming four sword, make it rain!”


Such vile advice For a gentle man
But he appeased giants
By a higher stand

He dropped the mask
Looked to the sky
The mad moon and messiah
Met eye to eye

He summoned from his memory
A reminiscent melody
Relayed the strain of the lost child
That wept on the breath of the wild
And the moon cried

The grimace on
It’s face became
Riddled with the sorrow
Of his serenade

And without a mar
A tear escaped
Its flooded eyes and pearled
For the lord to take

Then Eagle, Lion, Bull and Man
Felt the weight rise from their hands
Order restored harmony
The Moon up high, Eden down deep

The waterway laid as before
He made his way, safe, back to shore
Then to and through North Castle’s gate
Bearing fruit to wave her fate
And renew life

North Castle

The book of mudora has been distorted
To taint the faith of man
For this we raid our Mother’s veins
While angels claim her riches

Strangers from the stars
These “gods” were never Goddess born
T’was Lucifer their own that gave
Rise to the dawn of man

He shared with us their fruit and said;
“Get up off our knees
Hear not the angels’ voices
Let whispers from the minish world
Guide mankind with love.”

Punishment was due
The devil’s legacy was born
With a vengeful heart and witches aid
He’d seek the golden Power of the sacred realm
And entered it through me

The Darkness cast upon it
Would Reshape who’d dare to follow
But you’ve drawn from the moon
A pearl to hold your mortal form

From within you must reach the pyramids peek
Search inside for the compass of light
Please accept your destiny
Save us from Demise

Of Power

Pyramid mirror house
Pulsating, overdrawing power
Down and out from the crown
In through a void she spiraled open
Her eyes, fire and ice
Twin witches put a spell on her shell
The seeds of seven demons
Sown to reap their puppet Mary
Sin blistered from her skin
As Jesus laid her down
And cast them out

End Boss

A silhouette rose from below, Its face was veiled by shadow
It seemed to be with horns and tail, breathing as if it was a distant gale

Orc Boar Satan’s fire light, suddenly put him in sight
He circled with his mane ablaze, Jesus followed with his gaze

Flying tiles spun from the floor, struck just what they’d aimed for
The Moon Pearl got caught in their sights, The Good Shepherd shifted in the altered light

Dire Wolf Jesus was disarmed to bring The Demon King no harm
His Canines ripped right through the Hide of Orc Boar Satan’s underside

The wolf wound weakened The Dark Lord, the two resumed in human form
No longer on all fours crawling around, the Jew got his weapon up off the ground

So you’d hunt me down to slay me in the
name of peace?
And this some how shall bring about Joy to the World?
They must so be proud of their angelic little Christ

Mary took the adversary by surprise
One light arrow left the devil paralyzed
Skyward Jesus raised the Blade of Evil’s Bane
Lept and downthrust it into Satan’s brain

Ever since the tower and confusion of tongues
It’s been depicted so many different ways.
But beyond all lore its power can preserve, create or destroy whatever you wish
And whatever you wish
Know it with thy mind, desire it with thy heart and fulfil it with thy body

The Trinity of the Goddess sisters 3
A relic at the heart of the sacred realm
The Trinity of the Goddess sisters 3
A golden power unparalleled


From town to town he commissioned the twelve
To spread the word as fishers of men
In awe crowds gathered around
It’s disputed who viewed him as a threat

He broke bread, gave his body and said
His farewell before they put him in jail
He was sold out by one of twelve
Who hailed him with a kiss of betrayal

They flogged him down
Hammered on a crown
He was king on a cross
Til his last breath

The Serpent Fossil dealt
Human sin
The dominion of death
And they bought in

Son down
Harrowed Hell

ReDead’s groans, the laughter of Poes
Was heard within necropolis walls
When night fell it carried the smell
Of underlings out harvesting souls

Eternal Life

The Sword, as the Lord lay in a cave
Mary kept it safe
And stowed it to the grove that was

The Temple
The First Temple
The Temple of Time

A ray revealed among the ruins
The pedestal of timeshift stone
She re-sheathed The Blade of Evil’s bane
Sighed and said “you’re home”

A flash, sand refilled the hourglass
Jesus was a lad
Standing with the old man in

The Temple
The First Temple
The Temple of Time

His Mother was relieved to see him
Upon the caravan’s return
Astonishing to everyone
Was everything he’d learned

A new timeline set forth
Our savior was saved
To lay down his life
Time and time again
In Bliss united
Time and time again